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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Action Research 97

Action Research #97:

Kevin Greenspon
(Los Angeles, CA)
(masterful experimental electronics & organics, a wide range of gloriousness. He's in the midst of a three month US tour! I encourage everyone to check out his website below.)

"Kevin Greenspon is a musician from Los Angeles, CA that blends ambient, electronic, drone, field recording and harsh noise composition into short songs that can be likened to miniature film scores. Primarily using guitar, effects and tape collage techniques, each song is an emotionally engaging arrangement of melodies and electronics fueled by a storytelling nature. Restraint and subtlety are key elements in Greenspon's work, carefully balancing between sparse quietude and dense layering of orchestral melodies and crackling textures as fingerpicked guitar notes seemingly swell in from reverse, weaving a constantly shifting atmosphere with deliberation and focus, never losing control of the space as a medium for channeling sound into song."

tour event page:

(cluttered ambience, guitar & tapes, lo-fi field recordings & post-strum)

John David Eriksen & A.J. Herring
(active senses)

Mass Control
(gravity steerage; modular synths)

(A/V smorgasborg)

- - - - - - - - - - 
439 S. Main St.
Gainesville, FL

This is an early show since Merchandise is playing later on at The Atlantic. I was told that the bands will start playing at 9:00 at that show so you should be able to go to both if that suits your nightlife needs.

Suggested donation of $3-5. Kevin Greenspon is on a three month tour from California so anything is appreciated. As always, we would prefer all interested ears inside, so don't stay home if you're broke.

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