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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Action Research 141


Action Research #141

Jeff Zagers
(Savannah, GA)
(Richly textured multi-instrumentalist songs ranging from synth driven to sax driven & covering lots of other territory with finesse. One of the Southeast's best underground soundmakers. New record out now on Wharf Cat Records.)

Ben Varian
(Review of "Real Domestic Scene" on Patient Sounds:
"When "normal" people try to make "weird" music it's always a disaster. It sounds bogus at a 99.9% rate. But when "weird" people pursue "normal" music... Shit, kid, somehow it's consistently amazing. Ben Varian's take on pop music leaves my brain throbbing. His ridiculous transitions from funky prom-riffs into zoink behavior, all with tender loving vocals holding your hand and massaging your thighs, possesses an evil brilliance. He brings you into states of unusual comfortableness with some Jerry Paperish tunes as he croons over electronic lounge numbers. Excreting  a kooky normalcy-- like listening to Billy Joel in a house that is being fumigated-- as wayward key runs jitter and jive. You would feel at ease letting this music pet-sit your pug for the week even though you saw it fly off in a spaceship just last night." -- "Who Has Tapes Anymore?" column of AdHoc ( )

Jake Tobin
(Bizarre & catchy off-the-path sax-filled pop. Review of "Torment" LP: "Recorded alone over the course of a few months at his woodland compound, Tobin’s songs display a white collar work ethic of almost surgical precision. Here is guitar slanging and avian twittering, drenched with lilting shrieks from a (possibly) stolen saxophone. Brassy drones and stuttering keys occasionally drift in like clouds of airborne toner. These are tunes for confetti-filled elevators or long drives to lunch dates with corporate suits at drab cafes. TORMENT proves to be a caustic but also compassionate take on pop, cutting the safety net out from the 9-5 malaise." (from )

(acid damage & synthscapes from the man behind The Viirus​

(full spice saturation)

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Friday, April 3, 2015
A Space
Gainesville, FL


$5 please

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