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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Action Research 161

Action Research #161:

Boy Harsher
(Northampton, MA)
"BOY HARSHER is a dark electronic duo that produces gritty dance beats infused with ethereal vocals, creating a sound that is eerie, intense and incredibly danceable. Augustus Muller develops the underbelly of sound with minimal beats and grinding synths, where Jae Matthews whispers, screams and chants on top. Together, the music created is somewhere between industrial, drone and confessional storytelling. Muller and Matthews both have a strong background in film and their cinematic approach translated effectively in both their recordings and live performance. "
New LP, "Yr Body is Nothing" on DKA Records

C86-ish indiepop meets post-punk = dark, energetic catchiness

Algae Guck
Odd & fascinating electronic pop songs. One of my favorite albums of 2016.

The Viirus
Live electro-industrial synth-pop

- - - - - -
Monday, January 30, 2017
The Atlantic
15 N. Main St.
Gainesville, FL

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