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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Action Research 112

(Miami/Gainesville) will be in the gallery space with her feminist nail art installation & performance. She will be collaborating once again with the fantastic Nail Pop LLC from Tampa! Come get your nails tricked out for free!

Porn Nails:

Nail Pop LLC:

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in conjunction with this, Action Research #112 will be taking place in the performance space and feature:

(Columbia, SC)
(weird acid analog electronics)

(dirty grooves & squiggly tapes with a skipping backbeat)

Permanent Makeup
(St Pete)
(vibrant, rejuvenative post-punk, post-irony now sounds; careening & propulsive)

No Milk
(velvety hearted electronic experimental pop)

(hypnotic beckoning orbs; electronics and alt reality)

Velma And The Happy Campers
(first week of St Pete residency! it'll be like a housewarming)
(gritty & sparkly lo-fi pop songs via one man, all limbs band)

(performance via TV Mountain

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Saturday, August 3, 2013
The Venture Compound
2621 Fairfield Ave S.
St Petersburg, FL


8pm gallery, 10pm show

Facebook event page:

Note: Diamond Hymen had to cancel due to illness.

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